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Excelling in today’s digital ad space means having the best of the best in your corner. That’s why at Realtime, we invest in seasoned data scientists and top technology to help our clients extract hard-to-reach learnings and beat their competitors across the funnel.

Media Channel Management

In order to ensure our clients are set up to reach their highest campaign efficiencies, our client-facing and operational teams consist of channel experts who are highly skilled in their specific areas of knowledge. Offerings where Realtime has dedicated channel experts include:

  • Programmatic (DOH, Linear + Connected TV, Native, etc)
  • Display
  • Mobile
  • PPC + Google Shopping
  • Social Advertising
  • Amazon Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Organic Content Management
  • Influencer Marketing
  • SEO
  • Product Feed Management


Over the past year, advertisers have fought a hard battle against platform privacy updates and massive loss of tracking.

However, loss of data is not an option for Realtime; our agency’s performance is entirely dependent upon statistical methodologies, mathematics, and rigorous test and learn, all of which require – you guessed it – data.

With this in mind, we utilize our own in-house data team and RTA products to to protect our clients as the war on tracking progresses:

  • MMM (Marketing Mix Modeling) – We separate correlation from causation via use of ridge regression and evolutionary algorithms. In turn, we enable your team to make decisions firmly and confidently.
  • Conclusive Data – Do you have questions around which creative or audiences drive the most sales? Or if your brand investment is impacting conversions? Our measurement team helps you reach statistical significance within your data sets to form reliable conclusions about any questions your team has.
  • Independent Brand Lift – Our studies are platform-agnostic.
  • Forecasting – Our budget recommendations are backed with data so you can ensure you’ll hit your monthly, quarterly, and yearly targets.
  • Attribution Models – We ensure your team is using the appropriate attribution models in reporting so return on your investment is being communicated accurately throughout your organization.
  • Tracking – Our team assists in Facebook’s CAPI and other channel solution support to prepare for loss of cookies in 2022/2023
  • Proprietary Measurement Tools – Where industry tools aren’t cutting it, we’ve developed our very own, such as the Realtime Kinetic Score.

Audience Services

1st and 3rd party audiences are crucial in modern media plans as pixel and cookie tracking become less reliable and platform audiences lose quality. In order to combat this, our in-house audience team is dedicated to building strategy that helps our clients create high-value, effective targeting segments that are not reliant on cookies or pixels. How do we do this? Realtime plugs into over 70 data vendors providing top-tier data including consumer payments, GEO/location and contextual targeting information. Additionally, clients are able to tap into Realtime’s own audience database, which is comprised of global best performers across our B2B and DTC marketing campaigns.

Performance Creative

Today, creative alone is responsible for roughly 60% of ad performance. That’s huge!

Testing, learning and refining creative is crucial, but we have found that agencies and brands alike typically overextend on this front as they’re operating on hunches of what will perform well. Our creative team is trained in analytics and works directly with our measurement team to make creative tweaks that are born directly from your campaign’s data. This streamlined process means resources aren’t being wasted on shot-in-the-dark testing, and your dollars are spent more and more efficiently with each creative iteration we make.

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