SSE: Head-to-head Campaign

The Challenge

SSE is the fastest growing energy supplier in the UK. They invited Realtime Agency to help achieve their yearly targets in the remaining months of their financial year for their Energy product. To do this, we went ‘head-to-head’ or into a ‘bake off’ with their existing agencies.  Each agency was given a set media budget and a cost per sale target in place.

Cohorts ↓

The Game-Changing Tactics

At first, we began auditing their existing work and searching for audience trends. From this, we found their social advertising was being underutilized, and a shift towards using Facebook as a key-channel would be essential moving forward. This information allowed us to craft an effective two-phase social strategy and media plan.

Phase 1 is known as a test and learn, in which we aim to identify the best performing cohorts. The plan is built to test a range of variants that are chosen based on client historical performance, social listening insights, a competitor analysis overlaid with Realtime Agency’s secret sauce and experience in driving performance for clients. The plan is also designed to generate statistical validity in the results. An example of a variant in the test plan would be our next-level creative strategies. For SSE we designed 10 new concepts bespoke by audiences.

Examples included:

  • Environmentalists: We engage environmentalists with ads for smart meters, showing them how to save energy.
  • Low income households: We engage this audience with ads that show them value and how they can save on bills each month.
  • Electric car owners: We created tariff specific ads that outlined free electricity for up to 8000 miles if this audience charged during off-peak hours.

From this phase, we identified our 40 best performing cohorts to hyper optimise moving into phase two.

Phase 2 is all about scaling the 40 best cohorts from phase 1. With various levers and strategies for scaling and optimisation, we keep improving CPA whilst generating significant sales volumes. We used Sprinklr social software rules engine to optimise and scale ads based on CPA results and quality score. We also started to identify trends around time of day and day of week to be more aggressive with bids when people were more likely to fill in a quote and purchase.

In addition, due to the increase in Facebook ads, the engagement rates for SSE social increased 10-fold. As a result, using Sprinklr software and a sentiment rules engine we helped the customer care team manage and automate this increase in comments.

The Unrivalled Results

In the first week of the ‘head to head’ – we were unrivalled. We drove 1100% more sales than the existing agency at a 70% lower cost per sale, leaving the client no choice but to switch their available budget to us for Facebook performance advertising. With the news of our results, SSE introduced new teams such as Telco and new budgets with the confidence that we’ll continue to deliver exceptional results.

A truly unrivalled performance.

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