Heartland Dental: Unrivalled Social Performance

The Challenge

Heartland Dental is the leading dental support organization in the US. In 2019, they asked Realtime Agency to help achieve their competitive 2020 Affiliations sales targets. Historically, Heartland Dental had tested social for acquisitions through other agencies, but results were incomparable to mail and outbound calls. However, at Realtime Agency we believed that social had the potential to drive qualified dental leads, at a better price.

lower cost per qualified lead

The Game-Changing Tactics

To start we conducted market research & customer analysis using social listening and audience profiling tools, competitor mapping, and by analyzing existing CRM. With all our findings, we were able to build a test & learn plan to identify the best creative concept, audience, landing page, device and channel. To give each audience a personalized experience we also built a creative strategy and customer journey based on Heartland Dental USPs which included:

  • Helping Dentists with Retirement – We targeted male and female dentists looking to retire or plan to retire with testimonial videos, static ads and landing page messaging focusing on how Heartland Dental could build a retirement plan with Heartland Dental.
  • Helping dentists with Management Relief or regain work-life balance – We showed how Heartland Dental could support Dentists with back end support for recruitment, training, insurance (etc) through testimonial videos, static ads and focused messaging around Dentists allowing Heartland dental to support the business side and allow dentists to focus on their work.
  • Increasing Dental Practise Revenue Growth – We created dentist testimonials and messaging focusing on how affiliated Dentists had significantly grown revenue by affiliating with Heartland Dental.

The Unrivalled Results

During initial beta testing, we improved their cost of acquiring qualified Dentist signs up at 58% lower cost per qualified lead compared to initial results.  The results helped Heartland Dental to understand that their target market was spending time on Social networks such as Facebook and has opened the door for the marketing team to apply for new budgets to build brand awareness on social and acquisition for affiliations plus new tests for performance marketing for recruitment and B2C marketing for their Dental practise network.

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