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Over the past year, advertisers have fought a hard battle against app privacy updates, resulting in massive loss of tracking and audience quality decline.

However, loss of data is not an option for Realtime; our agency’s performance is entirely dependent upon statistical methodologies, mathematics, and rigorous test and learn, all of which require – you guessed it – data.

With this in mind, we’ve utilized every tool possible (and even invented our own) to protect our clients as the war on tracking progresses:

  • Marketing Mix Modeling using linear regression to ensure decisions are made based on conclusive data rooted in causation, not correlation. MMM factors in offline and online activity, allows for more accurate forecasting, and enables marketers to prove ROI of their efforts
  • Attribution Model support so you can feel confident your return on investment is being communicated accurately throughout your organization
  • Facebook CAPI implementation support to prepare for cookie depreciation
  • Audience Solutions team to develop high-quality 1st and 3rd party audiences that aren’t reliant on cookies or pixels
  • Expertise in industry measurement tools, such as Facebook’s ROBYN
  • Performance Creative team works with Audience and Operations teams to ensure measurement data is properly informing messaging/creative
  • Marketing Stack experts offer reliable trend analysis so your team can confidently make marketing decisions
  • RTA-built, platform-agnostic brand lift tools, such as the Kinetic Score,
  • Newsletter to share updates as our agency learns more of the unfolding tracking story
  • Blog for clients to keep up to date with industry news

Reach out to our team today to learn how Realtime can address your measurement concerns and help buffer against loss of data and audience quality.