Realtime Kinetic Score

When standard measurement and analysis tools don’t cut it, Realtime produces their own. Introducing the Kinetic Score – a formula that has helped our clients boost Brand performance by 20%.

What is it?

The Realtime Kinetic Score is a proprietary tool produced by our team to measure and optimize brand lift agnostically across platforms.

When used, the formula produces an output that’s measured against a standardized, internal benchmark – which as been formed by our team with thousands of data points. The difference between the output and benchmark is what we refer to as the Kinetic Score.

Using this score can help produce a holistic view of branded campaign performance, inform lower funnel strategy, and even assists our team in optimizing.

In fact, when optimizing for the Realtime Kinetic Score, our team has seen performance metrics improve across all channels by an average of 20%

Case Studies

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